Driving For Freedom: Promotional Short

Promotional Short For Upcoming Feature

This promotional teaser was produced to predicate the energy, pace, and set-up of the upcoming feature film, “Driving for Freedom.” This film will lay the foundation for a far-reaching educational campaign, a campaign designed to help U.S. consumers learn about the personal and national benefits of petroleum conservation and alternatives.

Though the environmental and financial issues surrounding oil consumption and dependency are coming to the forefront of America’s consciousness, the solutions are not. Hence, this film’s focus on the solutions–choices individuals can make to reduce our nation’s oil consumption.

While there are many facets to this one problem, something we can all agree on–our freedom–is the commonality which will unite us. And rather than polarizing this issue politically, “Driving For Freedom” aims to bring people together so that we may collectively move forward towards a cleaner, safer energy future.

Though a complicated subject, the presentation and delivery of information in “Driving For Freedom” is designed for modern entertainment audiences with full regard to current cultural demands. This is a high-energy and fast paced project for a high-energy and fast paced world.

For a former president’s intern / gearhead / filmmaker like myself, amping up and energizing a documentary on petroleum conservation and alternatives seems like an obvious choice, a “no-brainer” as my dad would say. Either way, I’m ecstatic to dissect and explore this massive and passionate subject.

Running time: 3:00

Conceived, Researched, and Produced by:
Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury & Rachel Georgiou
Directed and Edited by: Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury

“Motorbreath,” performed by Metallica,
from their Album: “Kill ‘em All” (1981).
Written by James Hetfield, Creeping Death Music, ASCAP.

Energy Information Administration
(Official Energy Statistics from the US Government)

Video footage:
Archive.org, National Archives and Records Administration, KOYAANISQATSI.

Film’s Website: drivingforfreedom.org
Driving For Freedom
By engaging, then educating and empowering the individual, unification is within reach.